The New Blazer’s Available Drive Modes Eliminates Compromise

Gone are the days of settling for front-wheel drive at the expense of traction in inclement weather or rough terrain. And forget about suffering at the pump for the peace of mind all-wheel drivetrains offer. 


Because thanks to the new Chevy Blazer’s selectable drive modes, you can have both. Actually, you get even more. The Bow Tie brand’s revamped Blazer nameplate offers five different drive modes to choose from. 



  • Front-Wheel Drive: transfers power to your front wheels to maximize fuel efficiency
  • All-Wheel: engages all four wheels for improved traction when needed
  • Sport: makes steering more responsive while adding in aggressive acceleration 
  • Off-Road: fine-tunes chassis and throttle control for managing uneven terrain 
  • Tow: hold gears to generate more power for heavy hauling


Chevrolet’s revival of the midsize Blazer is a breath of fresh air for the segment. For too long people had to settle for a smaller crossover if they wanted fuel efficiency. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you wanted capability or comfort, you’d pay the price at the pump. 


The new Blazer kicks any kind of compromise to the curb. You don’t need to choose something cramped and boring for good MPG, and you don’t need to break the bank for an SUV that can haul your toys while keeping you and passengers comfy. 


Get the style, the efficiency, and the power you need in the new Chevy Blazer


Say ‘goodbye’ to settling for less and ‘hello’ to more with the new Blazer. Find the midsize SUV that gives you the best of … well, five worlds with us at Garber Automotive! For more on the Blazer, its drive mode selectors, and everything Garber Automotive, like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram



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