Introducing the New 2022 Buick Envision

When you buy a new car, heck, even when you drive one that’s not yours, it takes a bit to get used to.

How do you work the wipers? Where did they hide the knob to adjust your mirrors? Adding in the multitude of screens, safety tech, and the rising popularity of electronic gear shift options, things could be a tad overwhelming. Thankfully, the gas and brake pedals stay put no matter what you drive.

For the small things, keep reading. We’d love for you to meet the new Envision and get a better understanding of how a few functions work. So, without further ado, say ‘hello’ to the new 2022 Buick Envision.

Now Envision, Say ‘Hi’ Back

Seeing how you’re properly acquainted, let’s get you more familiar with what the 2022 Buick Envision can do.


Air Ionizer

What on earth is an ‘ionizer’? It’s a fancy term for an air filter. This function removes particles from the air that enter the cabin so you and your passengers get the cleanest air possible.

Cargo Cover

This one’s an easy one because what it does is in the name! Attach this optional floor to the liftgate to keep peeping Toms or curious children from seeing what you’re hauling in the cargo area.

Head Up Display

Another feature that’s name describes its function! This piece of safety tech projects important safety or entertainment info onto the 2022 Envision’s windshield. You’ll find controls to the left of the steering wheel that let you adjust brightness, position, and the info you see.

Electronic Precision Shift

New variants of the gear selector are popping up left and right. On the 2022 Envision, you get a push-button system. Just like the cars of yesteryear, place your foot on the brake and select your gear. Reverse and Drive are unique in that you pull them towards you versus pushing down.

Power Seats

Power seats aren’t new by any means, but they can still be tricky nonetheless. Choose your desired seat height, recline angle, and lumbar support. The Envision even has a memory function that’s simple to operate, so you can ensure comfort every time you or your secondary driver get it.

Side Mirrors

The folks at Buick made this as easy as can be. Select which mirror you’d like to adjust on the door panel to your left, then when the light on the button is lit, use the arrows to set the mirror to your desired position.

Connecting Your Smartphone

Whether you prefer the simplicity of using a USB cable or the convenience of a standard wireless connection, the 2022 Envision makes pairing your device hassle-free.

Wireless Charging

This is less of a ‘how-to’ and more of a “hey, it’s available.” But the 2022 Envision offers an available charging pad. Simply plop your compatible device on it with the Envision’s engine or battery on, and viola!

Hazard Lights

Like with the side mirrors, the kind folks at Buick made the Envision’s hazards easy to find and use.

Drive Mode Selector

Front-wheel drive Envisions come with three modes and all-wheel drive Envisions have four. You’ll find your toggle button in the center console area just beyond your gear selector.

Buckle to Drive

A safety setting that will prevent the Envision from being shifted out of park unless the driver (that’s you) puts on their seatbelt.

Buick Driver Confidence Plus

Again, this one isn’t so much of a ‘how-to’. Just a friendly reminder of all the neat safety features you get standard on the 2022 Envision. Most controls live right on the steering wheel. Make sure to ask your salesperson to go over each function with you thoroughly!


We think it’s safe to say all that’s left is for you to head on over to any of our dealerships to take the 2022 Buick Envision on a test drive. Feel free to have this blog up to go through each feature before taking it home. Our sales team is more than happy to spend however long it takes to ensure you’re comfortable with how everything operates before heading out on a test drive or taking the Envision home for good.


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